Planners, Event Managers and Venue Managers … what’s the difference and why you need them

Event managers look after the entire creation and development and planning of all kinds of events such as conferences, meetings, weddings, formals, conventions, concerts and festivals.

They manage the entire process from planning an event, organising the entire thing so that it will run smoothly and promoting it to ensure the maximum number of people show up.

If you are organising a conference for your company where you want to appear your best and even perhaps sells goods and services, an event manager can be very helpful in terms of helping you maximise profits by persuading your target audience to attend.

You can search the PartiesandCelebrations directory for event managers to assist you with your next event.


An event or party planner is someone who organises and coordinates all aspects of a meeting or an event. They generally do the jobs that require a bit more running around such as choosing an appropriate location, arranging transport for attendees and coordinating other details. So while an event manager does everything needed to organise, promote and deliver an event – an event or party planner is only responsible for organising the finer details. You can search the PartiesandCelebrations directory for event and party planners to assist you with your next party or event.


A venue manager is in charge of one specific venue or event space – whether it’s a function centre, hotel or hall. They are responsible for promoting and selling the venue for events, overseeing all activities that take place in their venue, and keep track of the use of facilities – and they also assist with set up of the venue and ensuring it is clean and in good condition for the event. Venue Managers generally offer equipment that the event space can provide – that may be included in the budget, or there could be an additional cost. They will also be able to tell you what equipment is suitable to hire for the event space depending on power points and space etc. Search the PartiesandCelebrations directory for venue managers to assist you with your next party or event.


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